Made-to-Order Lists

Rolling Stock Etches

The carriage etchings produced by Bill Bedford are still available Over 800 have been produced over the years many of types that have been considered too specialised by other manufacturers. Because of the generally low volume of sales for these items, they are made on demand. Delivery is of the order of 2-3 months. The goods are sent with an invoice and payment should be received within 10 days of the invoice date.

To order just send a list of the items required together with the scale needed and your address to Mousa Models. Or send the order form from the back of a catalogue to the address on the form

Each scale has it's own catalogue.

Architectural Etches

There is also a list that details available etches of windows and other architectural details

Railways Catered For

  • British Railways
  • Cheshire Lines Commitee
  • Coras Iomair Eireann
  • East Coast Joint Stock
  • Great Central Railway
  • Great Easten Railway
  • Great Northern Railway
  • Great Northern Railway(Ireland)
  • Great North of Scotland Railway
  • Great Western Railway
  • Highland Railway
  • Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway
  • London Brighton and South Coast Railway
  • London Midland and Scottish
  • London South Western Railway
  • London Tilbury and Southend Railway
  • London Transport
  • London and North Eastern Railway
  • London and North Western Railway
  • Midland Railway
  • Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway
  • Midland and South Western Junction Rly
  • Nattrabybanans (Swedish 2' gauge)
  • New South Wales Government Railways
  • North British Railway
  • North Eastern Railway
  • North Staffordshire Railway
  • Northern Counties Committee
  • Somerset and Dorset Joint
  • South Eastern Railway
  • South Eastern and Chatham Railway
  • Southern Railway