Six Wheeled Coaches

A recent thread on the Scalefour Society Forum has reminded me that there is a much easier solution to the ‘side-play on the middle wheel’ problem. On the original full sized coaches the springs for the centre axle were supported in long j-hangers with either with links or rods and rubber secondary springs. The axleboxes were modified so they and the axle could move axially in the w-irons. We can’t actually make the axleboxes move like this on models but we can get very close to it. This is how:-

Materials Needed

A pair of wheels, almost any make will do.
A length of brass tube 2 mm OD x 1 mm ID x 22 mm long, for P4 or EM, or 20 mm long for OO
One ExactoScale pin-point axle 1mm diameter


Cut the tube to length and make sure that both the outer an inner edges are well de-burred.
Remove the wheels from their axle and mount them on the brass tube. Check and adjust the back-to-back.
Slip the mounted wheels onto the 1mm axle and mount the combined axle in the sprung w-iron in the usual way.

There you have it. Quick, simple and without the usual contraptions or inside bearings. THis method will give enough side-play for your six-wheeler to go round any curve which doesn’t produce buffer locking.

5 thoughts on “Six Wheeled Coaches

  1. There is an even easier way to get 6-wheelers to go around sharp curves.Simply remove the tyres from the inside set of wheels and have one set of outside wheels rocking, as on a wagon.Works beautifully and no one notices the absence of the tyres

  2. The potential fly in that ointment would be the interior bore of the tube not being loose enough or consistent enough to slide readily on an axial bias on the axle.

    A reamer might be needed to get a smooth operation.

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