Another Dead End

After telling everyone I met at S4N that I was intending to produce coach kits consisting of etched sides and ends, and printed seat units, roofs underframes and bogies, I though it would be a good idea to get some costings. So using the LMS all third that has served as a guinea pig I drew a new seat/floor unit and uploaded to Shapeways to check the price. Unfortunately the total retail price came out at around £100. This I considered to be too much, so I have reluctantly had to shelve the whole idea. So all my future bogie coach kit are going to have resin bodies and roofs

6 thoughts on “Another Dead End

    • Soon, I have to sort some remaining details and then I’ll start announcing them. Which ones would you like and how many?

      • LMS 6 wheelers, LMS 9 footers, and the standard BR8’6″. Not sure how many largely will depend on price. Will they be the same as your etched ones?

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