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There has been a discussion of 3d printed loco bodies in this thread with interesting contributions from Atso and Atlantic 3279. Experience with the O4/5 body has shown that, not only will a raw 3d print be expensive and need a lot of finishing, but that the machines which these prints are made on are not always consistent in what they produce. I have come to the realisation to the best way to produce loco bodies is to cast them in resin from 3d printed patterns. This will give major advantages e.g.

Lower prices and/or better margins.
‘Ready to paint’ finish.

However there are some disadvantages.

Longer lead times.
Batch sizes will be larger.
The holes for fixing handrails have to be drilled by the modeller.
Some parts e.g. backheads, cab fittings and possibly smokebox fronts will have to be made separately.

In view of the need to order resin castings in batches I am going to need some, maybe 12-15, pre-orders before they are put into production.

However this is all in the future, as most of my design time of the next few months will be directed towards producing drawings of frames for the loco and loco frame kits that have already been announced, together with some others that have been promised but not announced on the website. In all I am aiming to have about a dozen done by Christmas. Renderings of these drawings and forthcoming wagon and coach kits will be posted on my Newsletter as they are finished.

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6 thoughts on “Loco Bodies

  1. Hi,
    I ordered an O4/5 on August 15th – is this still on for delivery, bearing in mind comments above? It’s already well past the 28 days delivery as stated. This kit is a taster for me and if this kit is as good as it looks, there would be more orders to follow. Please let me know the current situation.



    • There is a batch of O4/5 bodies that is due to be shipped to me today. However, for some reason, these pieces always seem to take more time to be delivered than other, smaller, items. So I would expect the batch actually to be shipped some time in the fortnight.

  2. Hi – Really pleased with the O4/5. I’m torn between modelling 63851 and 63745, both of which were at Colwick in 1955. 63745 however has a GC dome cover and so will require some surgery. Before I start hacking the dome, I thought I’d ask the question how workable is the resin body. If, on the other hand, I model 63851, I need to remove the ejector pipe as it wasn’t vacuum fitted.

    Also it occurred to me to model both – do you have any more bodies in stock?



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