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Prompted by a mega thread on RMweb (and an enthusiastic customer) I’ve completed the drawings for a set of loco frames that, it’s hoped, will make like much easier for those who want rarer locos but who don’t enjoy assembling etched brass kits.

The renderings represent a MR 1F 0-6-0T which is part of a batch of MR and S&D Johnson kits that will be put into production in the first half of next year. The main part of the frames is cast in brass and the keeper is sintered nylon. Etched phosphor-bronze strips are attached to the keeper to for the pickups. This particular set of frames is a test piece to test the fit of the keeper, it is intended that the frames that are included in kits will have the footplate and splashers included in the cast. With luck this set will be ready before Christmas and then work can start on the production frames.

Constructive comment welcome.

MR 1F 0-6-0T cast frames.

Components of cast frames for a MR 1F 0-6-0T

3 thoughts on “A little closer

  1. Very nice approach. I hope the hornblocks work. I hate all the fiddling around with the chassis, doing the body is bad enough. I’ve got too many kits and not enough time in my life left, so how about the following: Dean goods, outside frame to fit the old K’s body, Dean Goods, inside frames, to fit the Hornby body, Collett Goods (to fit the Bachmann Body). Plus 45xx, 57xx to fit the Bachmann bodies. All in EM. This might sound like a step backwards, but what about providing a split chassis with nylon spacers for OO, EM, P4, etc. Are the axle bushings meant to be fixed to the nylon frame? If so, why not put some blocks on the frames above the axle bushes on one floating axle to locate helical springs for compensation (the axle under the cab).

    • These frames use CSB suspensions which has been tested on various etch frames kits and is known to work well. You are not the first to suggest dividing the frames for split frame pickup. It is possible, but I think only worth doing if there were to be a ready source of suitable wheels.

      As for other prototypes, I have a list. Some will be done as just frames others will be full locos.

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