Carriage Update

For those of you who worry that I’ve not been producinging anything, here is a list of recent etched coaches and npcs that have been updated and made available on the website.

BCK0260/4 NER D. 60 PBV
BCK0454/4 CLC D. 59 Cl
BCK0519/4 GCR D.1z5 milk van
BCK0532/4 GCR D. 5Q3 FK
BCK0534/4 GCR D. 5H1 BCK
BCK0580/4 CLC D. 15 T
BCK0790/4 M&GNR Large Stock Brake Van
BCK1036/4 LMS D.1879/1952/1956 HorseBox
BCK1766/4 MR D. 399 HorseBox
BCK1769/4 MR D. 529 Clayton 25′ PBV
BCK1788/4 MR D.429 Hound Van
BCK1798/4 MR D.403 CCT
BCK6820/4 B&CDR 5 Comp. Third Oldbury
BCK6821/4 B&CDR 6 Comp. Third Oldbury
BCK6822/4 B&CDR Brake Third Oldbury

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