Just as one door opens…………

This is a quote from a posting on the Shapeways forum:-

WSF is just Nylon 12 – I believe since Shapeways use EOS machines it’s
probably PA2200. I imagine though that right now PA2200 is becoming
very hard to come by for Shapeways since a factory explosion in Germany
about 2 months ago decimated worldwide stocks of Nylon 12 for all
industries, and afaik, EOS has now completely run out of PA2200.

There has been no response from Shapeways about this. So I don’t know what the situation will be, whether they will offer a substitute material or just withdraw WSF. It is likely that the German factory will be out of production until around October, so the supply of the new underframes & bogies is going to be uncertain until then.

Another Dead End

After telling everyone I met at S4N that I was intending to produce coach kits consisting of etched sides and ends, and printed seat units, roofs underframes and bogies, I though it would be a good idea to get some costings. So using the LMS all third that has served as a guinea pig I drew a new seat/floor unit and uploaded to Shapeways to check the price. Unfortunately the total retail price came out at around £100. This I considered to be too much, so I have reluctantly had to shelve the whole idea. So all my future bogie coach kit are going to have resin bodies and roofs

Coach kits

I’ve had a prototype of one of the promised coach kits to work on over the last couple of weeks. It has taught me some interesting things about the sintered nylon I used. Basically while it will make acceptable underframes and roofs, getting the good finish needed for a coach side is all but impossible. So it’s one step back and one to the right and I’ll have to go off in a slightly different direction until the technology catchs up with me.

I had an enquiry this morning about some SECR coaches, and it may be worth posting much of my reply here to show everyone the way I’m thinking.

I’m working on a system to provide complete kits for most of the etched
coaches in the 4mm catalogue. This will consist of the body etch, more
or less as supplied at the moment, a roof, a floor/seat unit and one
piece underframes and bogies. Leaving the modeller only to supply
wheels, paint, glue etc. The price is likely to be in the region of
£70-80 depending on the prototype.

I’m also working on a alternative version of this system that uses cast
resin sides and ends instead of the brass ones. This has the potential
to be offered painted and ready to run, but is somewhat further away.

This latter item is the way I’m intending to produce the lits advertised in the coach kit section of the main website.

BUF025 GCR 60' Underframe

Brighton Bogie

New Stuff

Instead of scratching my head trying to thing something clever to write, i’ve decided to take the easy way out and just post pictures of things I’ve been working in recently.

Bridge Plates

Bridge Plate Rendering

These are for a skew bridge on a customer’s new layout. The dimensions are 35 x 7 x 2 scale feet (140 x 28 x 8 mm in 4 mm scale) They are being produce at the moment an the price will be £64 for a pair.
Similar bridge plates can be produced with different dimensions. Please ask for details.

LNER O4/5 Boiler
BLK0500/5 LNER O4/5 boiler/cab 4
BLK0500/5 LNER O4/5 boiler/cab 3
BLK0500/5 LNER O4/5 boiler/cab 2
BLK0500/5 LNER O4/5 boiler/cab 1
This is a complete replacement for the boiler/cab unit on a Bachmann Robinson O4 2-8-0. This on will produce the O4/5 variant of which there were 9 examples lasting from 1932 to 1959. These boilers can be produced with or without firebox hand holes and washout plugs and with or without vacuum ejectors.
The prototype drawing is finished and will be sent for production shortly. The expected price will be about £50.
Other replacement units are contemplated, both for the Robinson O4 and other Bachmann locos.

All the pieces on this page will be supplied unpainted and direct from the manufacturers.